Google and Apple: The Battle for World Domination

By Peter Chubb - Jan 6, 2010

2010 has kicked off in style with the release of the new Google Phone, the Nexus One. This will then be followed by CES 2010 and then at the end of the month an Apple event, which is when the company is rumored to launch their tablet device, the iSlate.

2009 was all about the netbook, but 2010 looks set to become the year of the Tablet PC. We know for certain that Microsoft is working on the Courier, Apple on the iSlate and Google on an Android tablet device. There is a list of other vendors releasing a tablet this year, but they will not be able to compete if the search engine giant and the iPhone maker deicide to launch theirs.

PC World believes that this is all part of Google and Apple’s aim for world domination, which has been going on for some time now. The search engine giant is not content in offering the best free software, they also want to dominate the hardware market as well.

Google have now moved in to the online retail business by offering not only their own Nexus One phone, but also handsets from other vendors as well. This is seen as a direct move against Apple, as Google keeps piling on the pressure to compete with the ever-popular iPhone 3GS.

The battle is no longer Google vs. Microsoft, it is now Google vs. Apple.

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  • Koolpin

    From what I can tell, Apple isn’t out for world domination. They wouldn’t know what to do with it if they got it, that’s for sure. They’re all about making their products with a unified goal of user-friendliness (not really about superior features, and especially in the case of the Apple TV not about people buying them) for an above-normal price, while Google is about getting everyone’s information, and to do so they take things that already exist but not many people use and release them for free.

    To be honest, I see google’s “Don’t be evil” as a catchphrase, as they’ve long since ventured into the grey area of morality, heading for the dark side.