DJ Hero 2: Release confirmed by David Guetta

By Alan Ng - Jan 6, 2010

Well it looks as if this one has let slip way before Activision intended to make it public. Well respected DJ David Guetta has revealed in a recent interview that a sequel to DJ Hero is indeed on the way.

As reported from Eurogamer, David Guetta wasted no time in explaining how he ‘is going to work on number two’, while also adding that the game is ‘too difficult’ for him on maximum level.

We cant say that this isnt a surprise, given the popularity that the first game has, despite the rather high price tag. What this could mean though, is that gamers could see a reduction to the existing price of the original game and peripheral, which would be most welcome.

Let us know your thoughts on a sequel to DJ Hero 2. What ideas would you have for the game?

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  • Hwoarang

    I think another Dj Hero would be a great idea!! My idea? Find SOME WAY to put the "Slap Chop Remix" in it!!!

  • Andy

    I have DJ hero, and I love it. Its so addictive. I cant complete this on Extreme mode, but hey, im not too bothered. I will definately buy the 2nd game if the music is as good as the first one, and if the price isnt too high, considering that we all now have the hardware.