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Survey: Motorola Droid biggest beneficiary of Google Android OS

A recent survey from ChangeWave has shown that the biggest beneficiary of Google Android OS is the Motorola Droid. The Android operating system was launched just over a year ago and has already started to show its popularity with cell phone makers, much to the disgust of Nokia’s Symbian.

Google had said that its new cell phone operating system would transform the smartphone market, but this has yet to happen. However, we have seen many Android running devices over the past year but nothing compared to what we will see in 2010, the first being the Nexus One. (Read a review)

This new handset due for launch today, January 5 will come with the newest version of Google’s OS, Android 2.1. Looking at the statistics of the survey taken December 9 – 14, it shows that only 4% of users say that they are using Android; this is a 3 percent increase from the September survey.

However, 21% of those who plan to purchase a new smartphone in the next 90 days have said that it will be an Android smartphone. This is an increase of 15%, the biggest jump seen yet.

Not so long ago Android OS was in last place in the smartphone market, but now they have jumped to second place, with the iPhone OS still firmly in first. Get a more in-depth look at the survey



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