Google Nexus One Event and CES 2010 Preview

Today could be the day when Google announce the release of the Nexus One phone, in a special press event. Much is expected of this Google-branded handset, but looking over a recent review that we posted this morning, it is just another Android handset. Two days after this event is CES 2010, with PC World offering an early preview of what to expect.

So let us get the Google Android event out of the way first. We all assume that the press event concerns the Nexus One, but it could be to do with the launch of Android 2.1, although we very much doubt this. The time of the event is 9:30 PST, so you had best be next to your computer.

We know that the Nexus One will come with the 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of ROM, and 512MB of RAM. The Google phone will have 32GB of Flash storage and a 3.7-inch display. (Read a full review)

The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show will not be as big as it was last year; this is due to the lack of a big launch like the Palm Pre at the 2009 event. However, there are still going to be some great products launched in 2010, as technology manufactures know that consumers are now starting to spend again following a lean 2009.

This year’s event will be about a number of different devices, such as Notebooks and Desktop PCs, Tablets, HDTVs and much more. For more details, visit PC World.



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