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Dragon Age Origins: Awakening: Release Information and Details

Earlier today we posted an article reporting that the ‘”Return to Ostagar” DLC release date had been pushed back until late January for all platforms, we have now heard details regarding the release of the first expansion for Dragon Age: Origins.

According to a recent article posted on JoyStiq the first expansion will be called ‘Dragon Age Origins: Awakening’, this is currently set for a March 16th multi-platform release date.

We are unsure whether there will be a downloadable version of the expansion, however it is available for pre-order from GameStop.

Awakening is said to take place after the Origins storyline, there are said to be more challenges and different monsters to take on, such as the Inferno Golem and the Spectral Dragon.

This expansion is said to take place in an area called Amaranthine, the expansion will feature new items, spells and an increased level cap, you will also be able to re-spec your attributes, for more information check out JoyStiq.

Will you be purchasing this expansion?



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