CES 2010: Apple and Google Spoil Fun for Everybody Else

If you want to know what technology will dominate the rest of the year, then you will need to keep an eye on CES 2010, which kicks off in Las Vegas on January 7. Most vendors attend the Consumer Electronics Show, all apart from Apple and Google. It seems that their choice not to participate spoils it for everybody else.

Both Google and Apple choose not to go, instead hosting their own events. Google has the Android event later today, with many expecting the launch of the new Nexus One phone. Apple has their event on January 26 or 27 and rumor has it that the iPhone maker will announce the launch of the iSlate, their first tablet PC.

To understand why Apple spoils CES, you only need to go back to 2007, when Apple announced the launch of the iPhone. It was this news that totally overshadowed the CES event that year. Google seems to want to copy with that success by announcing the Google-branded phone just two days before this year’s event.

Techradar explains that this is the kind of thing that you would expect on a playground, and that Apple or Google need not do this. The funny thing is, both companies do not need to resort to this to gain attention to their latest devices, so why do they do it?

Looking back at past CES events, most of the biggest devices were launched there. These include the Xbox 360, Nintendo’s NES, Atari’s Pong, HDTV and many more. The funny thing is, the Apple Tablet and the Google Nexus One will never be as popular as these recently mentioned devices. Both companies should embrace CES; they would certainly get more media attention that way.



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