Apple’s App Store Tops 3 Billion Downloads

By Jamie Pert - Jan 5, 2010

Apple’s popular App Store has recently hit yet another milestone, as it has now seen over 3 billion application downloads, back in September Apple announced it had bypassed 2 billion downloads.

This is extremely impressive given the fact that the App Store has been up for less than 18 months, this shows roughly that the final quarter of 2009 saw around 1 billion application downloads.

With all of these application downloads it is no surprise that Apple are looking to purchase Quattro Wireless for its advertising within apps expertise.

The ease of purchasing apps on your Apple devices is known for being extremely easy and secure, which is one of the major reasons for its success, for more details check out MacWorld. I believe that by this time next year the App Store will have seen over 6 billion app downloads. Do you agree?

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