67GB Blu-ray Discs Developed by Panasonic and Sony

By Jamie Pert - Jan 5, 2010

The developments in optical storage the last few years have been great, and today we have learned that Sony and Panasonic have worked together to get more out of Blu-ray technologies.

Sony and Panasonic have recently used i-MLSE (Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation) technologies, this should allow the next generation of Blu-ray media to store a lot more data.

According to SlipperyBrick’s article these developments should allow single layer Blu-ray discs to store up to 33.4GB of data, where as dual layer discs will be able to store up to 66.8GB of data.

One good thing about these developments is that existing Blu-ray hardware should be able read these new discs, for more information check out SlipperyBrick.

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  • Vladimir

    Yes, it’s OK.
    But one would want to know also about progress to further minimize mistakes during recoding process and longevity of stored information.

    • Jamie Pert

      I agree, I would much prefer a more robust Blu-ray disc with half the capacity.