Sir Isaac Newton Birthday: Google’s Doodle

The default homepage for most of us is Google, this is because is it a simple page to load as well as the search engine of choice. Their logo is normally Google with the letters made up of different colors, but they often change this to a doodle when an event takes place.

The latest Google Doodles is their normal logo with a tree above it dropping apples; this is to celebrate the birthday of Sir Isaac Newton. He was born on January 4, 1643 in England as studied many fields in his life; he was an, astronomer, mathematician, natural philosopher, physicist as well as an inventor.

Newton is most famous for his theory of gravitation, which he claims to have come up with while sitting under a tree and an apple hitting him on the head. He wrote three books on MECHANICS AND GRAVITATION, Book I covers foundations of the science of mechanics, Book II is on the theory of fluids and Book III talks about the law of gravitation at work in the universe.

He was also known for the invention of a telescope using refraction, this was not the first time that it had been used, but the first time used in a telescope. Sir Isaac Newton was also known for his interpretation of the Bible and has deciphered that the world would see a number of terrible events in 2060.

For more details on the life of Sir Isaac Newton.



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