Samsung NX10 gets official ahead of CES 2010

By Peter Chubb - Jan 4, 2010

The first time that we learned about the Samsung NX10 was nine months ago; it has taken since then for the Korean electronics makers to make the digital camera official. Samsung have now announced that the NX10 will be on show at CES 2010 and will be released some time in the spring.

Details are still hard to come by, we do not know the exact release date and we have no details on pricing. We do know that the camera will come in a choice of two colors, black or silver. For those of you who wish to learn about shutter and shooting performance, you will just have to wait a few more days, which is when we will know more.

We do know that the NX10 autofocus technology is both fast and decisive, and that 3-inch AMOLED screen is a superb feature, making it easier for users to view their images even in direct sunlight.

According to Cnet, Samsung have worked hard in offering these great new features, so we wonder why they went ahead with that strange proprietary lens mount. This one feature has now made a few enemies, so it’s other features and price will now need to persuade them otherwise.

The fate of the Samsung NX10 relies solely on its price, if it is too expensive, then it could be passed over for models such as the GF1.

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  • Mark

    Price will be key here. I think if Samsung wants to make a big splash with this camera, then they need to for at least a little under $700 and that is with a lens on it.

    At this point, DSLR camera can be bought for under $500 with a lens so and some are not too bulky like Olympus and Nikon’s D40 so price really is the key.

  • collin zeng

    Contary to your claims, OLEDs are very hard to view in direct sunlight since they completely produce their own light unlike LCDs, which reflect some of the ambient light for added brightness. Thus, the “transreflective” LCDs.