Samsung N-Series Netbooks: N210, N220, N150 & NB30

By Jamie Pert - Jan 4, 2010

Samsung have recently announced four new netbooks, all of these netbooks are part of their N-Series and will feature Intel’s PineTrail platform.

These four new netbooks are the Samsung N210, N220, N150 and the NB 30, all of these netbooks use Intel’s Atom N450 processor.

These netbooks offer over 10 hours of battery life, not only do they offer long runtime but they also offer impressive performance which allows the netbooks to feature 720p graphics.

Also these netbooks feature new 10.1 inch LED anti-reflective displays, the rest of the specifications are not yet known, however as we find out more regarding full specifications, pricing and a release date we will keep you informed, for more details check out Techtree.

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