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Project Natal and Xbox Live: Integration is going to be ‘groundbreaking’

We have an interesting article for you to read now, as Xbox Live General Manager Marc Whitten has spoken in a recent interview, stating that plans to integrate Project Natal with Xbox Live are going to be ‘groundbreaking’.

As reported from VG247, Whitten explained how he thinks that Natal is going to magical and be groundbreaking within games, but also groundbreaking from an ‘entertainment’ point of view.

It seems as if he was trying really hard not to reveal any specifics, but did hint that ‘Live is at the core of everything we do, you’re going to see us do the same with Natal’.

Interesting stuff, don’t you think? Head over to VG247 for more of his comments. Let us know your ideas on how Project Natal and Xbox Live can be ‘integrated’.



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