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Motorola Shadow: Handset Specifications

The last 6 months has proven to be pretty successful for Motorola, with the successful Android-powered Motorola Droid the company set some solid foundations, therefore we expect a good 2010 for the company, the upcoming Motorola Shadow should continue their success.

This handset sounds pretty good, it will apparently feature a massive 4.3 inch touchscreen display, the popular Motorola Droid only featured a 3.7 inch display.

Full specifications are not yet known, however the handset is also said to feature an 8 megapixel camera and a HDMI-out port which will output video at 1080.

Sources also suggest that the handset may infact be called the Motorola Mirage and will be just 9mm thick.

We do not yet know anything else about the handset, however as we hear further details on specifications and a release date we will keep you up-to-date, for more information check out T3.



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