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iPhone to Get Credit Card Reader at CES 2010

Mophie has announced that they are to preview their iPhone Credit Card Reader at CES 2010; this cool accessory will allow a user to swipe their card, which then uses an iPhone app to handle the payments. So how does this new device and app work?

Mophie is already known for making iPhone accessories, such as batteries and cases. According to the Telegraph, the credit card reader is their first device to work in conjunction with an iPhone app. The device is like a small cube that plugs into the Apple smartphone, this is where the credit cards will be swiped.

Once you have used the card reader you will then be emailed a receipt, retailers will also been sent a picture of the person making the purchase, this allows for a rewards system to be set up. The idea of the retailer seeing a picture of the customer could also help improve security, as a photo could then be stored on their system.

This latest peripheral has only been made available for use since the latest iPhone OS software; this has even made it possible for the use of medical peripherals for the Apple iPhone.

So what other iPhone devices do you expect to see at CES 2010?



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