Gran Turismo 5: New PS3 trailer released – stunning

By Alan Ng - Jan 4, 2010

If you are a hardcore Gran Turismo fan, you may have already seen this trailer and are thinking that it is pretty old, but to everyone else – we have a new trailer to show you which surfaced over Christmas in Hong Kong.

As reported from VG247, the new trailer was shown to a watching crowd at the Asia Games Show, with footage showing unseen gameplay from the game, along with snippets from rally and NASCAR.

As VG247 points out, the sound cuts out after 30 seconds, so you’ll have to make do with that I’m afraid. Nevertheless, you have to agree that the footage is stunning.

Perhaps the delay was worth it in the end eh folks? Game is out this March in Japan, trailer is below.

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  • The Saint

    A nice spin by a desperate PS3 fanboy who can’t afford both consoles.

    • Mark

      Why would I want a Xbotch? All the good games are out (and usually exclusive to PS3).

      Sounds like you are the desperate one.. If you have a PS3 and a PC you have pretty much 100% coverage of everything worthwhile anyway.

    • Jack

      i like how you say he cant afford both, but yet hes gone for the most expensive of the two.

      not the “cheap and cheerful” xbox

      Playstation 3 = win

  • Mark

    The delay is always worth it. Nobody wants rushed out crap. Ask any Xbox owner…