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Google Chrome: Now 3rd Most Popular Web Browser

Google have been expanding their credibility in many different fields lately, so much so that their popular web browser is now the third most popular web browser on the market.

The browser has now been out for 16 months and has greatly developed since its first release, at the end of December the Chrome browser secured a 4.63 percent market share, Apple’s Safari browser secured a 4.46 percent market share, which dropped it to fourth place.

It is thought that the main factors which have resulted in this gain in marketshare are the recent addition of extensions for Chrome, and also the beta releases for Mac and Linux OS’s.

In first place is still Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which holds around 62 percent of the market, whereas Mozilla Firefox is still in second place with around 25 percent. For full details check out HotHardware.

What is your preferred browser?



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