Google Android event on Jan 5, 2010: Discussion

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has sent invitations for members to attend an event on January 5. The event is to focus on Google Android, which makes us wonder if there could be an announcement on the Nexus One Google Phone. This would certainly make sense looking back at recent news reports.

According to Computer World, the event is a press conference and presentation in one and will hold a Q&A session along with demonstrations, this could be on a new OS, new laptop running Android or the much-hyped Nexus One.

It is certainly strange how Google picked January 5, this is the date when Apple normally holds their keynote at Macworld Expo that is until they pulled out of the event. This week is big on events; January 7th is the start of CES 2010, which was all about the Palm Pre in 2009.

If the event is about the Nexus One, we have to wonder how different it will be from other Android handsets, although we do know that it will come with the powerful 1GHz Snapdragon processor. The Google-branded phone will also be made available with or without contract, so gives users a greater option.

The Google Android event on Tuesdays could be just what we need to take our minds of the constant Apple Tablet PC rumors, which are now getting a little boring. It is all great having all of these rumors, but it would be nice if Apple gave us something to digest.



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