GM and Saab News: Talks continue

By Peter Chubb - Jan 4, 2010

General Motors (GM) will not be liked by Saab staff, as the U.S. automaker are still going ahead with the shut down. However, they have said that they will still continue to listen to takeover bids for the troubled Swedish carmaker. Recent reports suggest an extension to the deadline, but GM has yet to confirm this.

According to The Daily Star, General Motors had said that they would give potential bidders up until Thursday, January 7 to help come in and save Saab. There have been a number of proposals already, but GM need to sit down and take a closer look at them first.

General Motors had been in talks with Dutch carmaker Spyker Cars, but they were unable to reach a deal. We reported back in June that there had been two rival bidders, Koenigsegg and Renco Group. Sadly both bids failed so was back to the drawing board.

According to, Saab enthusiasts are upset and have urged GM to reach a deal, hoping that the 70-year old automaker will be saved. Saab is just the latest casualty in General Motor’s portfolio; they have already dropped Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC. There does not seem to be much hope for Saab, unless GM finds a serious bidder for the brand.

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  • A Lammie

    Saab Community Fights Back with website

    The purpose of the site is for people to declare to GM that if Saab is closed down, rather than sold, then those people signed up will not consider the purchase of another GM vehicle in the future. It is to let GM know that people are watching what happens here. If they wish to keep these people as even prospective customers, they should do the right thing and sell Saab rather than close it down.