CES 2010: HTC, Google, and Apple Tablet PC’s

We are only a few days into 2010 and have just three more days until CES begins. There are huge expectations at this year’s Computer Electronics Show, with vendors such as HTC and Google making a showing, as well as constant rumors of the Apple Tablet PC.

We know that new digital cameras will be out in big numbers this year, such as the upcoming Nikon CoolPix S1000pj. We also expect a number of new netbooks to be on show, but all eyes will be on tablet devices this year. Last year was all about the Palm Pre, but CES 2010 will not have one specific big launch, instead offering a number of little launches.

On those tablet launches, Huffington Post believes that we could not only see an Apple iSlate showing but also the much-rumored Microsoft Courier and the HTC and Google tablet, which was recently reported on Gizmodo. However, none of these vendors has made an official announcement, so this is all speculation.

We reported in an earlier post that Google were to hold a press conference just two days before CES 2010. This could be the expected launch of the Nexus One phone; we have seen this move once before with Apple and its first gen iPhone launch back in 2007.

Let us know what you hope to see at CES 2010, could we even see the first showing of an Apple Tablet?



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