CES 2010: Event Preview and Live Blog details

If you consider yourself to be a tech nut and a gadget lover, then you are surely looking forward to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The good thing for you is that Pocket-Lint will be reporting live from the event, to bring you all the latest announcements as they happen, from all the big names expected to be in attendance.

No fewer than 2500 exhibitors are expected to be showing off their upcoming products in 2010, which includes the likes of 3D TVs, Tablet computers, laptops, Mobile Phones and E-Books.

You’ll be able to look forward to photo galleries from the event, as well as detailed reports from the keynotes which start on Wednesday.

Of course, we’ll be keeping you updated as well, with CES 2010 news as it happens, so your pretty much covered for the event.

Let us know your expectations of this year’s event.



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