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Apple Tablet 2010: Four reasons why a release will happen this year

For Apple enthusiasts who are interested in reading yet more rumors on the upcoming ‘Tablet’ device, we have found an interesting article which lists four reasons why the Tablet ‘will’ release sometime this year.

The article in question comes from Computer World, who have stated that while everyone expects the Apple Tablet to eventually come, specs and hardware details of the device are still unknown.

The four reasons have come from analysts who have stated that the technology is ‘more than ready’ for Apple to release a Tablet onto the market.

Other reasons why a Tablet will come is that Apple will take advantage of the huge popularity of e-books readers such as the Amazon Kindle, with Apple’s Tablet more than likely to have e-book features.

Next, they have pointed out that as we move into 2010, consumers will find the idea of an Apple Tablet ‘fun’ and much more exciting to use than a standard PC or laptop.

The last reason is due to Apple’s progression towards ‘world domination’. Head over to Computer World for the full article.

Do you have any other points to add to the list?



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