PS3’s Modern Warfare 2 inspires Hideo Kojima

By Peter Chubb - Jan 3, 2010

If you were asked who the most legendary game developer was, then Hideo Kojima would probably be the first mentioned. PlayStation has been a brand close to his heart; you only have to look at his Metal Gear Solid series to understand what this means.

The Guns of the Patriots sequel was a great game thanks to its move to a multiplatform, although Kojima is not working on this game, he is working on Peace Walker for the Sony PlayStation Portable. This is great but we want him back on the PS3.

The good news is, since the release and popularity of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Hideo Kojima has been inspired to start developing for the PlayStation 3 once again. According to, Kojima said, “After seeing Modern Warfare 2, I feel like I want to use all the modern specs.”

He was asked why he moved from the PS3 to the PSP, he said that he wanted to develop games for a much younger audience. He must have realized that his skills were not being tested enough on the portable platform, so what is he working on now.

Let us know what game you would like to see Hideo Kojima develop for the Sony PS3 and if you have missed him.

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  • qual

    Um…. to the author. Guns Of The Patriots is NOT Multi-Plat. (your wording is misleading) Metal Gear Solid Rising… is in the Metal Gear Solid Universe, is a spin-off featuring Raiden not Snake. Funny how people confuse “blogging” with “journalism”.

  • Michael

    Well every one knows Hideo Kojima is legendary but Im not very intreuged with MG : Zero that would be DMC style and multiplatform, itll be prolly be great like everything hideo creates.

    But bring us back Snake, please, even if its a clone. with some extesive memory transfer, or brain trasplant, we knwo its far out, but give us back our Snake, Solid Snake!! <3 HIDEO!

  • Yes, we PlayStation fanatics love Hideo Kojima he is awesome at everything he does. PlayStation is the brand game developers adore.

    My PSN ID: Ivan-

    Xbox 360 is outer here.

  • Pat021

    Yes welcome back Hideo Kojima we know you’d come back to PS3 Exclusively now let’s make a new master Piece!