New iPhone in 2010: Ten Predictions

By Peter Chubb - Jan 3, 2010

We are now a few days into the New Year and many people have already started making predictions for 2010. The most talked about subject is the Apple iPhone, with current iPhone 3GS users making their predictions of what they would like to see on the new smartphone.

The iPhone Download Blog has listed their ten predictions for the new 2010 iPhone, some are expected, but can you guess what ones? The first prediction is that Apple and AT&T will not part company, something that Verizon customers will not be happy about.

We all know that there will be tougher competition from Android this year, so Apple will have to up their game in both software and hardware. The first and most important feature has to be the battery life on the 2010 iPhone, the king of the smartphones has always been power hungry, so change is needed.

Apple will need to include a 5-megapixel camera with flash; this is a basic feature that cheaper cell phones have. The new iPhone will come with a choice of 32GB or 64GB storage, which you can read more about in a recent post. This is a much-needed feature as users are starting to play more games than ever on their handset; so more storage is a must.

As we are playing games and listing to music more, Apple will have to do something about the poor speaker. A louder speaker is needed; well it would be nice to have two this time. Another feature that needs addressing is the design of the iPhone; things have not changed much since the first iPhone in 2010. We trust Apple and reckon that a huge change is on the way.

These are just a handful of the predictions for the 2010 iPhone, for more visit the iPhone Download Blog.

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  • wijendran

    when iphone 4g 32gb gettling realeased

  • It would be great if the new iphone had a 5mp camera with a flash. I use mine a lot in the field and I would love not to have to take my Nikon with me everyday. My girlfriend has a blackberry and the speaker is wesome on it. A better speacker and mic would be awesome. I bought an external mic for $15 and it works great.

  • Penny

    I would love to see iphone on the sprint network. Will this ever happen?