CES 2010 exhibitor and party list

It has been almost a year since CES 2009, the highlight of that was the Palm Pre, 2010 looks set to be all about another new handset, the Google Nexus One Phone. There are also rumors that the Apple Tablet PC could make an appearance, but we are not so sure on that one.

There is a lot going on in CES 2010, for those of you who wish to see the exhibitor list, head over to If you are more interested in the party list, then visit The CES parties start on Tuesday, January 5 and end on Saturday, January 9.

CES 2010 is gong to be a very strange event this year, as there is not one product that stands out. The Consumer Electronics Show always relies on a showstopper, so we worry that this could hurt the event this year. However, PC MAG admits that they have sighed a number of embargoes, so there could be a few surprises after all.

We know that TVs will feature highly this year, with 3D HDTV having a strong showing. If you are into 3D Blu-ray content, then you need to get down to CES 2010 next week, as you will be amazed at what will be on show.

Expect a range of new netbooks, but the biggest news will be on the range of new tablets. What do you hope to see from CES 2010?



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