AT&T Service Down: Are You Affected?

By Jamie Pert - Jan 1, 2010

We are hearing reports that the popular U.S. carrier AT&T is currently experiencing problems in some parts of America, we are not yet sure whether AT&T have rectified the problem.

From what we have heard it seems as if AT&T’s service is down in Keller (TX), Los Angeles (CA), Norwalk (CT), Orange County (CA) and Ville Platte (LA), in these areas customers are experiencing problems with 3G and SMS services.

As we hear more about the problem we will try to keep you informed, for further details check out’s article.

Are you an AT&T customer who has been experiencing issues? Tell us where and how you have been affected in the comments section below.

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  • Amie

    I am in Cleveland, TN and cannot make any calls or send texts!! What’s going on??

  • Since two days now and I keep having either a weak signal or no signal at all – nothing 🙁

  • Shaimaa Abdallah

    Blacksburg VA
    Since two days now & I keep having interrupted service either no signal or weak one and the longest it has lasted was 10 minutes until now 🙁

  • Mike

    Service is down in Pittsburgh, PA. No phone service, no texting…sms

  • Alston

    Rocky Mount North Carolina – out all morning

  • Matt

    Central NC is out

  • matt

    Tampa FL- sounds like everyone I know has been without service for almost the whole day now, if you can disable 3G on your phone it seems to be having a good affect if you are looking to make calls.

  • guest

    Since June 18, 2010 AT&T cell phone outage in areas of Orange County, VA or towns of Orange, Gordonsville, in central VA. AT&T shows repairs underway, but even now 3 days later, we have only failed calls. Can't even call 611.

  • Chibiaingeal

    Here it is June 14, 2010. I'm in Northern VA. My iPhone (3G) has been cycling between "E" and "searching…" for the last few hours (as has my coworker's). (And of course, I can't find anything on AT&T's site about any problems, but I'm reading on many sites that the southeast (and/or the east coast?) is having the same problem (and has been since last week)). Truth is I've been having issues like this since last month – especially at home (issues at work too but until today not as bad).

  • L12

    I'm having problems that are not resolved after calling technical support about four times today. This is in San Antonio, TX. Supposedly there are no issues with towers/service in my area however when i was at the mall my phone was working fine. Get home and I can't receive or send calls/no internet. 🙁

  • davepotts21

    from chicago… no service at all

  • Jennifer

    I live in Arizona and am affected. Phoenix Tempe Scottsdale …everywhere!!! Completely frustrating! Can’t send a text receieve a text send a call or get calls!!!! Tech support said there are a bunch of towers down in manually connected me to one that is working…this worked for a while…but later same situation…I was told to keep shutting my phone off and turning it on ….this connects me to a new tower…works sometimes but most of the time it takes several tries… Extremely irritating as I don’t have a landline… I was told that when the land lines do get fixed to call att to get a credit added to my account…some how I feel they might pull the whole “we see u used your phone several times that day …it must have worked and therefore we cant credit your account..” the 5 times it did work out of the 100 times tried is def not up to my standards.

  • Meghan

    I'm from Portola, CA. There seems to be no service anywhere! What's going on?

  • mike

    orange county. att's 3g is down since this morning. can not connect to internet from iphone. 🙁

  • john

    Having troubles in Kentucky

  • Emily Patterson

    I live in New Martinsville, WV and the service has been down since Saturday, February 6th. I’ve heard it won’t be back up until Feb. 27th? Is this true? If it is, I’ll be switching to Verizon.

  • Janne

    no phone/text/edge service in Austin TX 9:50 CST 1/14/10

  • no1uknow

    AT&T Wireless is up and down including SMS all day (Jan 14).

    First time I’ve seen it this bad.

    Keller, TX

  • Hunter

    Having issues in keller Texas but not in euless where I work

  • CTYankee

    I’m a U-verse customer that’s been having a bad time with service probably caused by moisture freezing in the hi-cap wires between my home and the DSLAM. Yesterday they dispatched two trucks to fix my problem.

  • Almost no service at all here in Illinois

  • anne

    I thought I would be needing a new phone! My messages were not going out at all new year’s eve and incoming messages were delayed, but then I started receiving the same messages over and over throught the next three hours (after midnight!!!!) I finally had to turn off the sound so I could sleep. Today, Jan 1st, I am still having difficulty sending messages, they just sit in my “outbox”.

  • Kyle

    No service here in Colorado Springs CO, cannot make or receive call or send or receive text messages, problems started around 5pm MST time.

  • Service is down north of Nashville since noon central time.

  • Courtney

    I live in St. Louis, MO after midnight hit. I sent out about 15 text messages. All of them said try again. So I tried again. Around 3am Central Time I got about 15 texts that were timestamped around midnight. I noticed at 7am that I was able to send text messages without any problems.

    My friends reported that they received multiple text msgs from me about 3 sometimes as many as 5.

  • Liz

    I’ve been having problem with my texting too in Tucson, AZ. I get texts hours after they had been sent to me, and mine take forever to send to other people as well.

  • Devon

    We have no service in the Piedmont of NC and haven’t all day! Boo Hoo! I want a rebate!

  • Luis

    i live in charlotte, nc and i couldn’t send any messages around midnight. i sent a test message from a friends phone to my phone and i got it at around two o’clock but it works now.

  • Amy

    having trouble here in Warwick, RI

  • christy

    during the new years celebration i was in a city and couldn’t even connect to the net through the edge. Then when leaving 3g service came on for minutes and went back out. This is in gatlinburg, tn. Working fine this morning though.

  • JWoodBass

    No problems here in Indiana with my 3G iPhone service. Looking forward to Verizon later this year though.

  • Heather

    I’m affected and I live on the east coast! Since midnight no one is getting the texts I send! I can get but not send I don’t even get a error text the texts I send say they go through but the people I send them to aren’t getting them I have fall bars and 3G so it may not even be anything like in CA but still AT&T needs to get this fixed