2010 Paris Motor Show: Renault Shows Off Dezir Concept

Sitting on the Renault stand next to the Twizy that we recently reported on, was another concept EV vehicle that we covered a couple of months ago. Called the Dezir, this all-electric model has some crazy looks that could certainly turn heads if it drove down the street, (obviously being electric you wouldn’t hear it coming).

Style wise the Dezir’s designers threw out the rule book and went for a ultra-wide, low, aggressive stance with wild reverse-hinged butterfly doors. To go with the space aged looks comes the latest trend for fully electric powered vehicles.

While the performance doesn’t quite match the concepts from Jaguar with its C-X75 or Audi’s e-tron, power for the Dezir is said to be around 150hp, with 166lb ft of torque. This still provides the Renault with a 0-60 mph time of around five seconds. But rather than stand around talking about who’s EV car is faster than who’s, lets just check out the pictures of this crazy looking car via Autoblog.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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  • tivy

    Electric cars are the future (or should I say “the present”) for the automotive industry! Rising climate changes, higher fossil fuel costs, governmental incentives and tougher fuel-efficiency standards are driving the revolution!
    Many brands try to jump on the bandwagon as soon as they can in order to be able to compete on this market! Communication is part of their strategy and some makes succeed pretty well! It’s the case of Renault that launches the Z.E. (Zero Emission) range. They recently made the buzz around Europe with their HelloZeWorld campaign – – with the support of the Airnadette, and guess what… they became so popular that they are currently touring around the U.S.!
    I believe we need more brands like Renault, driving customer awareness using innovative concepts …

    • fateh

      yeh I agree, but a big international petroleum groups don't easily let it go that way… I mean they will put their fighting in the wheels so they do not let them reach a solution totally fuel independent. its such a big deal and a very long adventure…


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