Most pirated game in 2009 is Modern Warfare 2

The most popular game of 2009 is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the game sold 6 million copies in November, which is a record. This is not the only record set by the game; we have learned that it is now the most pirated game this year. Just think how many more copies could have been sold, if not for that torrent downloads.

According to Cnet News, PC versions of the game were downloaded 4.1 million times; this is twice as much as the record set in 2008 showing just how popular Modern Warfare 2 is. The Xbox 360 version was also downloaded, but just 970,000. It is all great trying to save a buck, but doing so spoils it for others.

To give you an idea of just how high those pirate numbers are they were all done in just two months, not a whole year. Other popular torrent downloads include, Need for Speed Shift, The Sims 3, Street Fighter IV amongst others.

We have to wonder if these torrent downloads will ever be taken down. Downloading pirated games is not an option that many Xbox 360 fans will be doing anymore, as they will not have access to Xbox Live. Fans have been compiling in their thousands, but what did they expect?



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