Modern Warfare 2 Discussion: Claymores vs Bouncing Bettys

By Jamie Pert - Dec 31, 2009

Since the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I have been playing religiously, however one thing that frustrates me is the effectiveness of claymores, especially when compared to Call of Duty: World at War’s bouncing bettys.

When playing game modes such as ‘Search and Destroy’ I felt that bouncing bettys were almost a necessity for World at War, however I feel Modern Warfare 2’s claymores are far less effective.

I think bouncing bettys made game modes a lot more tactical as you could cover entrances to your location, therefore being able to second-guess the opponent, however I feel claymores quite often fail to kill an enemy, which pretty much rules out a reason to use them.

Are you also frustrated by the effectiveness of claymores? Either way let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • I personally don’t have a problem with the claymores. It is true that they are not as effective as bettys but with correct positioning they kill 90% of the time (with the other 10% a result of perks to combat against claymores).
    I tend to think of them as early warning systems rather than weapons anyway, using them to cover my back.

  • Adam

    I use claymores just as effectively in MW2 as I did in the first one.
    You just need to practice effective placement and location.

    For instance, if you are placing one at a doorway, line it up so one of the red lines is parallel with the wall the door is on (so the claymore itself is 45 degrees away from the entrance). If you place the claymore itself parallel with the wall, chances are they will run right past it.

  • Claymores are terribly delayed in MW2 and are just one of many reasons why MW2 is a flawed, over-rated and over-hyped product. Only thing claymores are good for is as a warning that someone is coming because they tripped the claymore. I have been playing more WaW lately than I have been playing MW2.

    • Kory Young

      Top 4 things I hate about Call of Duty
      1. Calymore delays
      2. Nube tube shot into an object (eg. ground, corner of a room, etc.) bounces (WTF?)
      3. Flash grenade into a room affects the person throwing it more than the person in the room (watch the replay)
      4. Watching the replay and noticing that the “X” where you have been hit is no where near your body.
      If this is the poor quality of Activision’s programmers…then please send me Activision’s address so I can give them my resume…I can’t do any worse.