Google Nexus One: Impressive 3D Benchmark Video

By Jamie Pert - Dec 31, 2009

A video has recently shown up on SlashGear showing off the Google Nexus One’s 3D capabilities, and from the look of things this handset will boast 3D performance similar to that of the iPhone 3GS, if not better.

The video has been embedded at the end of this post, it shows the Nexus One running a version of 3D Neocore’s benchmarking utility.

All in all the person running the benchmarks was impressed with the results, however felt that perhaps things would improve with a new OS version, during the benchmarks the handset was running Android 2.1.

The person running the benchmark also took some time to take some high-res images of the handset which can be seen here, for more details check out SlashGear.

Are you impressed with the Nexus’ 3D capabilities?

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