Redbox’s Pretty Impressive 2009 Statistics

Redbox have recently posted statistics for their DVD rentals throughout 2009, and I must say given the advances in digital movie services they are still very impressive.

Throughout 2009 Redbox have rented out over 450 million DVD’s, this followed the news earlier this year that the company had rented out its 500 millionth DVD in total.

Many believe the economic climate has resulted in an increase of customers, this seems likely considering their $1 a night rental service.

During 2009 there were a number of very popular movie choices, however the number one spot went to Pual Blart: Mall Cop, this film received approximately 4.5 million rentals this year.

Other films which proved popular in 2009 were ‘The Proposal’, ‘Taken’, ‘Gran Torino’ and ‘Knowing’. Personally I think that Taken is the best film out of these choices.

What DVD did you enjoy the most in 2009?



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