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Happy New Year 2010 and SMS: Record messages expected

Not only has sending SMS on our phones taken off more than anyone predicted, but now messages seem to be sent in record numbers year on year. When you get ready to say “Happy New Year 2010” within the next 48 hours, you will help set a new record.

Record New Year 2010 messages are expected to be sent in most countries around the world. An article on CNN Money explains how one company – TeleCommunication Systems – has helped power over 480 billion text messages, and is on target to hit 700 billion messages in 2009. This equals an amazing average of over 2-billion text messages per day.

The Australian reports that a record 123 million-plus text messages will be sent by Australians over the 2010 New Year period. They said that Optus and Telstra are expecting 57 million and 66 million SMS messages, respectively from New Year’s Eve to the end of New Year’s Day. This is a massive increase on their 2008/2009 SMS numbers.

The United States, UK, and many other countries report similar growth thanks to SMS and social media. Will you text message or make a phone call to say Happy New Year?



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