webOS 1.3.5: Soon to be Available for the Palm Pre

By Jamie Pert - Dec 29, 2009

Back in late November we revealed that Palm had released webOS 1.3.1, we have now heard that webOS 1.3.5 will soon be available for the Palm Pre.

There are said to be quite a range of improvements made, one noticeable improvement will be to the handset’s battery life, also there are said to be improvements made to the handset’s MMS functionality.

From what we can see so far it seems as if this update will be released by Sprint later today, chances are the update will install over-the-air.

As we find out more about this update we will try to keep you informed, for more details check out SlashGear.

Have you installed webOS 1.3.5 on your Palm Pre? What changes have you noticed so far? Did it install over-the-air? Let us know in the comments section below.

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