Ubuntu Lucid Lynx: Will You Upgrade?

By Jamie Pert - Dec 29, 2009

Its no secret that when Canonical released the latest version (version 9.10 Karmic Koala) of their popular open-source Operating System (Ubuntu) it received a mixed reception, many users reported a variation of difficulties, problems ranged from a blank screen upon boot, to various driver issues.

At the moment Canonical seem set to release the next version of their OS in late April 2010, this latest version will be version 10.04 and is named Lucid Lynx, this is their first major release since Karmic Koala which was released in late October 2009.

Most of the problems users experienced with Karmic Koala occurred after an OS upgrade, fresh installs seemed a lot more stable, however this may have had an affect on Ubuntu users choices in the future.

Therefore we thought we would ask our readers some questions. Will you upgrade to Lucid Lynx when it is released? If not which Ubuntu version will you stick with? Did the problems with Karmic Koala force you to migrate to a different Linux distro? If so, what did you choose?

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  • Gary

    My first time to buy laptop, i picked ubuntu 9.04 and i was disappointed because i can not make the sound works, i searched the web for some clue/tips on what magic command to put in, but end up none.
    Then on the upper panel > system> (i can not remember the exact word on the list )system test or report a bug or something, i click it and all of sudden, i see a window on my screen and saw a lot of tiny numbers and letters scrolling so fast upward then after a few minutes it stopped and a normal screen appeared..
    at first did not mind it since no harm was done, but still no sounds on my laptop.
    so i waited for 7 months.
    when i received a cd live 9.10 from canonical i immediately installed it and guess what ?
    my laptops works PERFECT!
    I mean perfect really perfect.. every thing works without a drop of sweat.
    from battery charge, hibernation, wake up, LED panel, keyboard, wi-fi, mouse,scrollpad,usb,sd card,dvd, lightscribe, etc etc etc.. all works well instantly. period !
    no overheating, no HDD noise, fan automatic.. webcam works too..
    with the new lucid lynx, i have the original cd live now but not tested on my laptop yet..

    i am using an HP COMPAQ 510 (VF584PA) model.. all black
    core 2 duo and intel, graphics, wireless, etc etc..
    1g ram, 250g hdd
    may be small time configuration but it works well with linux.
    i enjoy compiz with this, specially 3d cylindrical cube..

  • Kev

    While 9.10 hasn’t failed completely I’ve experienced one annoyance after another. Broadcom wireless wasn’t installed, power manager has no idea how much battery life remains and nags every 30 seconds when it gets low, network manager randomly fails dhcp. These are the major annoyances but there are plenty more issues including an extremely Vista-ish problem with elevated privileges.

    I’ve been a supporter of Ubuntu for many years and have promoted its use in the non-profit sector, this release has left me looking like a fool. I PAY canonical for services and they produce a Windows clone. It’ll be running viruses next.

    What a pile of garbage. So here I am evaluating opensuse, fedora and mandiva.

    Bill Gates runs from Microsoft after Vista, maybe Mark Shuttleworth is stepping down for the same reason.

  • M. Golder

    Fresh install and more problems than I care to list. One year old laptop and new desktop. Both have serious graphic problems, sound issues, and incompatibility with repository software.

    Do not use this junk.

    Go back to Jaunty or wait for Lynx.

  • Chad

    I’m new to Ubuntu and have only experienced Ubuntu 9.10 and Remix. I have to say on an Lenovo ThinkPad and an Acer AspireOne w/ Ubuntu…it’s been awesome!!!

    I’m excited to see the next flavor of Ubuntu and hope it is a great experience like this one has been.

  • Chuck

    I’ll update. Ubuntu is a good program. The help given for free is simple fantastic. I don’t get nagged to death or attacked by every virus in the universe. I expect an occasional minor aggravation and even some serious problems. Look at the commercial equivalents, they are certainly trouble prone, especially windows.

    I’m not knowledgeable using “the terminal’ but there is almost always an excellent tutorial written by some great volunteer to show you how to get a result or program working.

    Finally, my only request for Ubuntu is to have the MediaMonkey music program for Ubuntu. Thank you.

  • I would just like to say I had absolutely no trouble with my upgrade, in fact the whole experience was delightful, and made me realise just how glad i am i dont use windoze any more. Obviously your experiences are different, but don’t forget we dont pay a penny for this software….so have some gratitude…if you dont like it, pick up a book and learn to fix it and contribute…

  • Marco

    I run Ubuntu 8.04 because it works really well on and is easy to set up—for a Linux-based system. I have tried to upgrade to new interations many times, and all failed to work as well as 8.04—Hardy the only exception. However, I don’t want to be stuck in 8.04-land forever.

    To cut to the chase: While there are a few distros I will yet try, I will probably stick with Ubuntu in the interim. But how long remains to be seen by how much of an improvement Lucid is over the last two interations. Ubuntu developers are seem more focused on bells and whistles, and less on what makes a Linux-based operating system great. That is, a simple, reliable OS that operates like a fine Swiss watch.

  • Lokol

    the last version of Ubuntu is bad and unstable, I think it too… so I’ll use the new one as soon as it possible. or, I wait for the next LinuxMint

  • Most people who self-installed Ubuntu will be automatically jogged into doing an upgrade – can happen by pressing the wrong button.

    Screenshot towards the end of my recent article:

    …will show you how to avoid upgrading if you do not want to and gives some helpful tips to avoid being prompted again and again.

  • BG

    Karmic (both Remix and Regular)work great; Lucid Regular works; Remix doesn’t (yet). This on a 1 year+ old netbook.
    Acer AOA-150!

    Of course, so does Win 7 Home Premium!