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Samsung CL80 Point And Shoot Camera: Detailed Specifications

We have recently came across some details regarding a new upcoming digital camera from Samsung, the camera is called the CL80 and boasts some pretty impressive specifications.

The camera is a ‘point and shoot’ camera, it features a 14megapixel sensor and a 7x optical zoom, it also features a 31mm wide-angle lens.

This camera also has integrated WiFi (as with the ST5500), other impressive features include the camera’s 3.7 inch AMOLED touch screen display and its video capturing at 1280×720.

The built-in WiFi is said to allow extremely easy uploading of photos to services such as Facebook, Flickr and Picasa, there is also functionality which allows you to upload your captured videos to YouTube directly from the camera.

We are not yet sure of a release date, nor have we heard details regarding pricing, however as we find out more we will keep you informed. For more information check out HotHardware.



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