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Palm Pre and Palm Pixi: Top Five webOS Apps

For all those of you who are pretty excited right now in picking up either a shiny new Palm Pre or Palm Pixi, we have found a useful article which lists 5 must-have apps for you to download and get you started on the webOS scene.

If you head over to Pocket-Lint, you’ll see the 5 applications they think are essential for any new webOS enabled phone.

The first app they have listed is ‘Evernote’ which allows you to create a ‘to do’ list on your Pre or Pixi, then easily sync it to your PC or Mac.

Other useful apps include Tweed – a fully featured Twitter app for webOS and Pandora (US only) – which is an internet radio streaming service.

Head over to their website for the full list of apps. Do you think any other apps should make the top 5?



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