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NVIDIA Fermi GPU’s: Possible Delay

It has been a while since we spoke about NVIDIA’s upcoming Fermi GPU’s, however we are now hearing rumors which suggest the launch date for these GPU’s has been pushed back.

According to a recent article posted on SlashGear it seems as if the release has been pushed back until March 2010, prior to this it was believed that these GPU’s will launch either late 2009 or in January 2010.

The Fermi 40nm GPU which seems to be set for the first release is the Fermi-GF100, as with all Fermi GPU’s this will be DirextX 11 compatible and will pave the way for future Fermi GPU’s.

It is thought that ATI will also be releasing some 40nm DirectX 11 compatible GPU’s in the coming months, therefore NVIDIA can’t afford any more delays. For more details check out SlashGear.



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