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Microsoft Word patch helps software comply with court ruling

Software giant Microsoft has now made changes to its Word software; this patch now means that the office software will now comply with a recent court ruling. Microsoft is no longer allowed to sell versions of its word processor software without infringing copyright laws.

According to, Kevin Kutz, Microsoft’s director of public affairs said that they had been making plans for the decision to go this way, but the ruling will only mean a small feature is to be removed.

Kutz hopes that the software giant will have copies of Word with these certain features removed by January 11, which is when the injunction date kicks in. However, it seems that a patch is now available from Microsoft’s OEM Partner Center Website, which you can see here.

This latest patch will now comply with the recent court ruling and will hopefully put an end to the dispute with Canadian i4i. However, Kutz expects the ruling to take another turn.

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