iTunes tagging factory-installed with new Ford cars

From next year, Ford drivers will be able to tag a song that they hear on their HD radio, allowing them to download it to their Apple iPhone or iPod at a more convenient time. This tagging technology is already used on a number of aftermarket HD car stereos; Ford will be the first to offer a factory-fitted unit.

Ford are certainly upping their game when it comes to in-car entertainment, this is evident with its Sync system. Jeff Jury from Columbia, Md.-based iBiquity Digital Corp said, ‘It is a great compliment to the broader application of Sync.”

This news comes just two weeks after Ford announced its latest software, which will allow licensed partners to offer their own software to be used with the Sync system. The Blue Oval are also working on the next-generation Sync, this will allow the driver to use an air card. This means that the car will become a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

iTunes tagging is just the next phase of Sync and will store up to 100 tagged songs. When you get in, you just connect your device to iTunes and then purchase and download your tagged songs. For more details, visit



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