GPS strands couple, how much do you trust yours?

There is no denying how bad the snow has been in parts of North America, so just imagine being stuck in your vehicle for three days. This is what happened to a couple in Oregon, because their SUV GPS system decided to take them down a remote forest road, which became impassable.

Thankfully, on the third day the couple managed to get a weak signal on their cell phone and was able to tell the authorities where they were. All GPS systems offer you the shortest route, but these are not always the safest. I found that out when travelling over the holidays.

MY GPS took me down a small road that was like a sheet of ice, I almost lost the car on two occasions, but managed to keep things under control. I was worried at the time but did not want to show it, as I had two of my grandchildren in the car with me.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the elderly couple thankfully made it home. They said that they would never forget this Christmas, as that was the day they became stranded. According to the report, the couple had been well prepared as they had food, water, blankets and warm clothes with them.

This certainly shows how much trust we put in our GPS systems, how much do you trust yours?



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