Apple Tablet: Investors and Analysts

By Peter Chubb - Dec 29, 2009

Apple has become an even more attractive prospect for investors, mostly due to the recent announcement of the iSlate tablet PC. As a result of this recent announcement, Apple hit $211.61 on the Nasdaq yesterday; this was also due to healthy sale forecasts for the coming months in 2010.

The increase in Apple shares rose to $2.57, or 1.2 percent, this is now the sixth day in succession to see an increase. 2009 has certainly been good for Apple; shares have doubled while other companies have been struggling to keep afloat. So what is Apple doing that others are not?

The first thing was the success of the iPhone 3GS, then there was downloads for their devices, such as the new Mac OS X. 2010 is set to be even bigger, so investors are likely to see an even better return.

The first device to be released in 2010 is that much talked about Apple tablet. This new device has been in development for year’s, under the careful eye of Steve Jobs. Trust Steve to get back at the helm in their biggest year, he is also thought to be at work on the iPhone 4G.

However, this is just speculation at the moment, but all the signs are there, as AT&T have been working hard on improving their network ready for 4G or LTE.

For a more detailed look at the increase in Apple share prices, visit BusinessWeek.

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  • Once Apple makes the official announcement their stock is going to jump another 10 points.