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Apple iSlate (Tablet): Latest Rumors Boost Apple’s Shares

Earlier today we posted an article which suggested that the highly anticipated Apple Tablet would be called the Apple iSlate, we are now hearing that these rumors have boosted Apple’s shares.

It is thought that sometime in late January 2010 Apple will announce their Apple iSlate, which should set solid foundations for a very productive and profitable 2010.

The date looking likely for the product unveiling is January 26th 2010, reports suggest that Apple have booked a location in San Francisco for what many believe will be a media event.

All of these particular rumors surrounding the Apple iSlate have resulted in Apple shares reaching an all-time high, currently the company is worth $188 billion.

Full details regarding the iSlate are still unknown, however it is thought that it will operate in a very similar way to the iPod Touch, however will be a lot easier to use with a screen size of around 10 inches.

As we find out more we will keep you informed, for more details check out TimesOnline.



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