Santa Claus games online for kids: Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 is now upon us, with just one day to go the children have already given us a headache. We often wonder what we can do to keep the children occupied as we make last minute preparations before the family turn up tomorrow. Why not allow them to go on the computer and play some fun Santa Claus games online.

Most of the games are child friendly, but it does not take long for you to scan over the games just to make sure they are safe. Trust me when I say that these online games will keep the kids happy for hours, there are so many to choose from some with Santa Claus in them while others have a Christmas theme.

If you head over to, there is a host of games all separated in categories. The first category is “Santa Claus House” these games are centered in the big guy’s house. These games include ‘Santa’s House”, “Santa’s kitchen”, “Santa’s Workshop”, amongst others.

Heading over to, I have counted a total of 53 games, all centered on Christmas 2009. The top three games that the website seems to be pushing are “Thin Ice”, “Snow Line” and “Polar Jump”. Check them all out now.

Let us know if you have played these games and what you thought. If you have any other suggestions, then let us know below.



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