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Samsung Corby Pop: Device released in India

The Samsung Corby Pop is also known as the Genio and is targeted towards the younger market. You may wonder why we are talking about this phone today; well Samsung has now launched the handset in India and is easily recognized by their bright colors.

The Samsung Corby Pop will be a very popular handset in India for a number of reasons, the first is those wacky colors, the second is the low-budget price and the third is its social network features. Add all of these features together, and you are left with a handset that younger customers will do anything to have.

There are a few bad points to the Corby, such as its lack of Wi-Fi and 3G; this is something that younger customers will not be happy about. There is a more expensive model, the M5650, this offers the two missing features but comes at a price.

The new Corby being released in India only comes with a 1.5-megapixel camera instead of the standard 2-megapixel. The handset will still come with an FM Radio and 22MB of internal memory, unlike the original 40MB. Samsung must know what they are doing by downgrading the Corby Pop.

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