Blackberry Outage: Should you get compensation?

By Peter Chubb - Dec 24, 2009

RIM (Research In Motion) has not had a good week, as they have suffered an outage twice in just one week on their BlackBerry handsets. This meant that users in the U.S. were unable to access their e-mails. PC World now wonders if BlackBerry users should receive some sort of compensation?

Bloomberg has been looking into the outage and discovered that two recent versions of the BlackBerry Messenger program could be to blame. They also report that RIM recently issued software updates to fix the email problems.

For those users who updated after December 14, they are advised to download to the latest update now, otherwise they will still experience an outage. PC World believes that two outages in one week and just an apology is not enough, they have given RIM a message, “Show your customers the money.”

They do not expect Research In Motion to offer their customers much; even $5 to $10 credit would be enough as a gesture of good will. This is not the first time that RIM had to respond to an outage problem, there was a serious problem back in 2007. To this day, they still do not know fully what went wrong, the troubling thing is, this will not be the last outage.

Do you think you are entitled to some sort of compensation from Research In Motion?

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  • Wes

    Compensation? Why? Because RIM had a software glitch is no reason to be demanding money. Oh, so some people couldn’t access their e-mail for a few minutes, so what, do you think people access their e-mail every minute of every day? And what did people do before they had a Blackberry? I seriously doubt it caused anyone anything but a minor inconvenience, certainly not worth demanding money from RIM. And about a good faith gesture from RIM? Come on, RIM runs a business not a charity.

    • Andy

      Basically. You are an idiot. Some of us need the data service we rightfully pay for in order to tend to our daily virtual meetings for online courses and meetings for school and work. In order to keep a running business you need happy customers, and any credit would do for larger or smaller. Unfortunatly in your poor case, its considered a charity. I wish you were a customer with my network. I’d be rich no matter how much I F’ up.

    • Char

      I agree with Andy. My Blackberry powers down with a fully charged battery and will not come back up for a GREAT LENGTH of time (couple hours or more) so I have absolutely no access to ANYTHING. Yes!!! I TOTALLY SHOULD be compensated. I am Self Employed and am trying to run a business and my customers/clients will not tolerate this kind of service from me and will go elsewhere if I can’t communicate with them. I also need to receive time sensitive Faxes and emails to keep up with my clients needs. Losing these clients means losing money and every minute counts in my business. I am paying for a service that is not being provided to me.