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Twitter Users Discuss BlackBerry Outage

BlackBerry handsets have been hit by a second outage in a week in the U.S.; this has now been confirmed by the cell phone maker RIM (Research In Motion). BlackBerry users have been taking to Twitter to Tweet about the problems that they have been experiencing.

PC World reports that RIM responded to the outage by releasing a statement, stating that they have a team of technicians working on the problem. This will come as little comfort to BlackBerry users who are unhappy with the second outage in just one week.

Hundreds of Tweets has hit the micro-blooging website every minute, this certainly shows how serious the problem is and is not confined to just one or two states in North America. This issue seems to be affecting more than one cell phone carrier.

PC World attempting to get some more information on the problem by visiting a few RIM Internet-based support forums, at that time there was no information on the outage and how long it will last for.

We reported last week that the E-mail service for BlackBerry handsets was down; some users could not receive messages for more than a few hours on the Thursday, 17 December 2009. However, the cause of that particular problem is still to be revealed.

Have you been affected by the BlackBerry outage?



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