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Netbook 2009 Sales and 2010 Expectations

Netbooks have certainly been popular this year, with recent reports showing a 103 percent increase in sales for 2009. Although this is great news for netbooks, sales in ultra-mobile laptops have fallen. However, will this trend continue in 2010, we fear that they will not?

As we mentioned above, sales of the netbook in 2009 have been strong and this has had an affect on laptops sales. This will be the same for the netbook in 2010, as they will come under intense pressure from Tablet PCs. There are a number of these new devices due for release in 2010, such as the much rumored Apple Tablet.

DisplaySearch who conducted the report believes that growth will still be strong in 2010, but not as much as they were this year as they believe that sales will stabilize. Sales in standard netbooks could fall slightly while sales in higher-end netbooks will continue to grow.

The recently announced more powerful Intel Atom processors and more battery life will be the trend for 2010, but will this be enough to fight of the new contender, the tablet PC?

Although the tablet PC is considered to be a much better alternative to the netbook, the higher price tag could put off a huge amount of consumers. We know that Apple are said to be launching one in the early part of next year, but its estimated $1000 price tag could be the one thing that stops its success.

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