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December 22 Blackberry Outage: Cause Explained

We recently reported that BlackBerry users were reporting the second outage in just one week, this happened on December 22, 2009. Although RIM has yet to announce what the cause is of the problem that is stopping emails going trough, there are plenty of reasons why it could be happening.

Reading through an article on The San Francisco Chronicle, they put the outage down to several reasons. The first is because it is Christmas week, the second is that Research In Motion are still unable to cope with high demand and the third reason is due to lack of planning on RIM’s part.

We know that RIM is aware of the issue, but have yet to explain to users what this is. They do state that they are currently working on the outage problem, but they do not give any clue as to how long the outage will last for.

SF Gate has another interesting theory as to why this is the second outage in just one week. The writer had noticed a number of dropped calls while trying to get a flight; more people are also experiencing this problem, as there is a huge volume of people traveling during these poor winter conditions.

Whenever you travel in poor conditions you always feel the need to phone home and let them know that you are safe, something that a huge amount of BlackBerry users are doing right now.

Let us know if you have experienced any dropped calls and if you are now able to send and receive emails.



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