Twitter and the $25 Million Google and Microsoft Deal

Much has been said about the Twitter integration with Google and Microsoft, but the financial side has remained a mystery, until now. If reports are true then the micro-blogging site is set to earn $25 million from the two search engine giants. The report also states that this is the first time that the social-networking site has been pushed into the black.

According to LA Times, Twitter is now making a profit thanks to its $15 million deal with Google and $10 million with Microsoft. This means that once the firm has paid out its operating costs, they will now make a profit, although we are not certain of that figure.

Twitter has been around since 2006, in that time they have raised around $155, this includes the $100 million investment from September. The social-networking site has made little profit in that time, which seems strange considering its huge user base.

It is no secret that Twitter will concentrate even more in 2010 about making money. Chief Executive Evan Williams has said that they will be finding more ways of making money, as well as improving its service to the millions of users out there.

There are 58 million users on Twitter each month, so integrating what they are talking about in the search engines was seen as a superb idea. What do you think of the Twitter results in Google?



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