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Opera Mini: Impressive November Figures

Opera have recently released their latest facts and figures for their Opera Mini web browser, I must say if these figures are accurate they are very impressive.

According to an article posted on IntoMobile, during November 2009 Opera Mini had 41.7 million users, in total these users viewed over 18.8 billion web pages.

This high amount of usage is said to have spanned across many countries, however the top 10 countries using the browser were Russia, Indonesia, India, China, Ukraine, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam and Poland.

In total all of these users managed to have a combined data consumption of 271.8 terabytes, which averages out at about 15 page views per day, per user.

It is thought that the majority of handsets using this browser are RIM devices, mostly the BlackBerry 8330, for more details check out IntoMobile.



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