Ikea Recalling Leopard Children’s High Chairs Globally

By Jamie Pert - Dec 22, 2009

It seems that the Swedish furniture giant Ikea have decided to recall thousands of ‘Leopard Children’s High Chairs’, this is apparently due to safety concerns.

From what we can see there are between 5 and 6 thousand high chairs that need to be recalled, the problem is related to a snap lock fault.

The snap lock which is said to usually secure the seat to the frame is at risk of breaking, not only does this directly pose a risk to the potential of children falling from the chair, but also the plastic which can snap off is also a choking hazard.

If you own one of these high chairs you should immediately stop using it, if you get in contact with Ikea they should offer you a full refund, for more information check out Canada.com.

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